Mayor Clyne’s Opinion


An Unley-UNDERGROUND Trams are fantastic! I personally support constructing a line between Mitcham and the CBD (through Unley). Why would anyone be opposed to it? As yet however; Federal, State Gov’t nor Council have conducted public consultation so there is no empirical… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Unley

On this day 143 years ago (15th June, 1871), Unley seceded (broke away) from Mitcham to become a self determining community. Here are some things I would write on a birthday card: Dear Unley, You don’t look a day over… Read More ›

Reconciliation Week

There is only one registered site of aboriginal significance across the entire City of Unley’s 14.2 km². When people started arriving, first from the UK then Europe, Asia and indeed every part of the globe there was very little thought… Read More ›