Unley Village Green Redevelopment 

An upcoming event to appreciate the Village Green is being organised for the 19th of Feb 4pm -6pm. Please join in.

Now I understand that there is a lot of misunderstanding about this issue. Council takes the Lions share of that blame. Most of the misunderstandings are genuine but there is some disingenuous misunderstanding which is toxic and politically motivated.

but don’t be manipulated to buy into some convected, creative conspiracy theories that you might hear spun by a small minority of politically motivated fringe elements in the crowd. 

The Village Green is a unique place that is special to many who live, work or are educated in the Unley area. It’s a sacred spot to me.

I attended the Unley Kindergarten which is on the Village Green. I have vague memories of walking over the little wooden bridge that is no longer there.

As a kid I attended Lindersfarn Primary school (part of Saint Augustine’s). I played “red-rover-all-over” during a recess or lunch break, darting between the Village Green’s “4 elements art pieces”. 

My dad was on Council in the 80s and 90s. I would look up at the office of the Mayor, from the Village Green, and think, one day I’ll be Mayor.

I asked my future wife if she’d be my girlfriend at the Village Green. We held our wedding reception in the Village Green.

There are a number of residents who are making false statements like the one below (link to statement),

“… the Council plans to demolish historical villas adjacent to the Village Green and build a new 8 storey development including new Council Chambers and 150 residential apartments in its place?” 

This has never been the case. Council has never had plans to demolish the heritage buildings around the Village Green. But some local residents have stirred up anti-council sentiments with misleading flyers and are still persisting with this. These flyers were reported on in an Eastern Courier Messenger article and I had to clarify this in my comments to the news article where I stated,

Equally important, the much loved village green will be left alone as will the cottages.

The same news article in which Council talks about redeveloping the Civic Centre explicitly talks about it being on the footprint of the existing building. Nothing sinister. Yet some it would seem are determined to paint Council as having ulterior motives. Politics at play?

The Village Green is a wonderful, secluded place, not heavily used. As one local puts it, its like a lovely painting that hangs above a mantle piece.

So I encourage all to attend an upcoming event on the Village Green on the 19th between 4pm and 6pm, but don’t be manipulated to buy into some convected, creative conspiracy theories that you might hear spun by a minority of politically motivated fringe elements in the crowd. 

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  1. Lachlan glad to see you are now supporting the preservation of the Green like the community wants you to do as our elected mayor however – how can the residents of Unley be a fringe element – we live here and pay the rates

    If the information being put out is not correct lets get the right information out there

    • Hi Rob, please don’t misunderstand. The majority of the community have made their views known about the DPA and the Council has listened. There are people who are continuing to say that Council wishes to built 8 stories on the Village Green and that we are going to demolish the Cottages when we are not and we have told them we are not. There are some “fringe elements” of the community who are being borderline defamatory if not defamatory in their comments and it’s these comments people need to be able to see for the nonsense it is.


  1. Don Palmer, Unley Deputy MayorSave Our Village Green. Appreciation Afternoon at the Historic Unley Village Green.

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