Conservative Labor Pains

The creation of the Australian Conservative Party could unfold in many ways. Most pundits are predicting and prophesying the short to mid term damage caused to the Liberal Party. I want to throw out an alternate ending.

Conservative views are not exclusively held by Liberal voters. Your typical Labor voter has many conservative values. Whilst many of the Labor elite will talk about socially progressive policies, many traditional labor voters don’t believe these issues should be as high on Labors agenda. Labor is indeed awash with people who could vote for The Australian Conservatives. 

If the Conservatives draw these votes from Labor, these votes would end up going to the Liberals through preferences.

Trumps supporter base is awash with people the media and political parties don’t reflect. News stories often get a run because they have shone a light into a space that hasn’t been noticed. With more and more media around, there are fewer and fewer places that haven’t been explored. So the media is capturing the fringe more and more. Politics, acutely aware of what gets the media’s attention is similarly championing seeking out minority issues. So your average person is seeing less and less of themselves in the media and the policies of the parties. On a personal note, as I venture into this arena this is something I will help the change within the Liberal Party. The Liberal party has the core values that enable it to be a broad church but maintain a “Golden Thread” to unit the community.

Only time will tell how this all plays out but let’s all stay engaged. 

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