100% Connected: Every House to Have a Virtual Letterbox


Fewer letters arrive in the post. The cost of sending letters is increasing. We all have a letterbox but we are using them less and less, some people not at all.

Just like a physical letterbox is attached to a premises, I advocate that every premises should be linked to a “Virtual Letterbox”.  I’m sure the marketers could come up with a smart name like, V-Box or E-Box.

I’d argue that a V-Box address should be assigned to each premises (as opposed to individuals). The domain name (that bit which comes after the @) could very easily follow the suburb then Local Government area in which the premises or land is held.

So someone living at 15 Miller Street in the suburb of Cammeray would have a domain name of 15.miller.street@cammeray.northsydney.nsw.au and access would change as the title changed hands.


  1. To connect all Australians;

  2. To save Australian governments money; and

  3. To make Australia Post relevant and profitable

To connect all Australians

Electronic communication is all over the place. People have personal yahoo, hotmail and gmail accounts as well as work email accounts. When you consider that most people now receive the bulk of their communications via email, having the ability to know that each person in Australia has a government sponsored “v-box” creates stability and order out of chaos.



To save Australian governments money

This idea has been born from my experience as Mayor of the City of Unley in South Australia. We are an inner metropolitan Council and like many “governments” are grappling with the best way to engage with our community.

As a small Government the definition of “Public notification” means one of two things; a small ad in a section of a poorly read paper or as a letter in the post that is often thrown unopened into the bin.

I couldn’t tell you the number of times people have told me they “never saw” the notice in the paper. Worse, how many people who say they “never received” Council’s letter.

As a small government, out Unley Council spends a quarter of a million dollars on ads and letter boxing! We are a Council of less that 40,000 people. Imagine how much money Local Councils are spending across the nation on this!

The States and National Government all spend ten of millions on similar advertising and letter boxing only to hear from the public how bad they are at communicating.

This idea would save Governments millions and improve communications.

For Unley Council to do a letter box drop to our entire city costs the ratepayer about $40,000. Surely with a Virtual Letter Box it would only be a fraction of the cost? A simple click of the button and away the correspondence goes.

If someone complained they “never received” the council’s letter we would be able to look into a system and categorically own up to a mistake or point out that they had in fact received our email but that they had not opened it.

To make Australia Post relevant and profitable

Australia Post is struggling to remain relevant in a digital age. Cost of postage is going up and the number of deliveries is coming down.

If we were to have Australia Post run this we could establish it so that people paid a small fee when sending an email to a “V-box”. Set up correctly it should make this huge drain on our national economy return to profitability!

Lachlan Clyne
0427 132 494

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3 replies

  1. This is visionary Lachlan. I agree this is something that should be explored. I remember you raising this while ago.

    From a council communication point of view it makes absolute sense.

    As your influence grows to another level of government go for it

  2. The idea does have merit and should be explored.
    I am sure that one day the idea will float.
    There’s an app nurturing here …
    BTW what is your v-Box address?

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