Government Spending Priorities: Gold Medals or Golden Wedding Anniversaries? 

With so much information about how to be healthy, why is our community so unhealthy? Is Government spending too much money on elite athletes? Should Government spending be aimed at grass roots community and school nutrition/fitness programs?

Is it better that a nation win the most medals per head of population or would it be better for the broader community to enjoy better all-round health so that couples can celebrate Golden wedding anniversaries?

Are parents doing enough? In society today we often have children at around the age of 30. Which is exactly the same age that we start loosing our fitness. Physiologically our bodies begin the downward glide into old age. Our metabolism slows right down.

I can speak with personal experience on this front. From marathon fitness to loosing almost all personal time as the baby comes along just as my metabolism system is slowing down saw me pile on 20kg. It was depressing. It was a struggle. I’m happy that I’ve remained aware of it but I know many of my friends in a similar age and stage are equally struggling with juggling their personal health and parenting. The first thing sacrificed is personal health.

So without going overboard one of my resolutions for 2017 will be to maintain a healthy weight by eating and exercising in moderation. I know this will set Matilda up; that’ll be my motivation.

It’s not about looking great. It’s about the basics, its our family’s health.

Jocelyn’s much better at healthy eating. As an example Matilda eats freshly homemade meals and she can control herself around sweets!?! I enjoy being a little more active so today, whilst mum was busy working we went for a spin down to Glenelg, up to the city then home again.

We stayed on good, dedicated, family friendly cycle paths. They enable an active lifestyle. It’s not like this in every city around the world. Here we have a choice and a chance to be mobile and have decent health. I don’t want to take it for granted.

I’d love to see a focus on parental health programs from Government. It will be an area I’ll champion should my future allow it!

Lachlan Clyne
0427 132 494

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