“No” to any Party in Unley! – Keep Political Parties Out of LG

It might come as a shock to Parliamentarians but Local Government is no place for any Party, political or otherwise. The two party system has dumbed down the ability to effectively discuss ideas, policy and strategic directions and no one wants to see Council descend into the fractious system we see in Parliaments.

The Private Member’s Bill, Local Government (Elections) (Disclosure of Political Affiliation) Ammendment Bill 2015 is an attempt to curb the influence of political parties in Local Governments. Sadly it will fail.

This Bill will backfire, just look at the 6th Ammendment which will ascribe the name of the political party adjacent to the name of each candidate on the ballot paper! If this is approved, too many people will look at the ballot paper and vote for the party not the person

Local Government is best served by people with the interests of the community they represent at heart, not by people pushing the ideological prerogatives of Parties. People in Local Government will naturally be interested in politics and are likely to have political “bents”.

If politicians are worried that the major parties are controlling Councils they should take it to ICAC as there are provisions in the Local Government Act which forbid Councillors from caucusing.

The general thrust of the Ammendment is actually very good. No one wants to see politcal parties controling Councils.

The Ammendment is actually broken into 6 different ammendments. The first three deal with definitions, the next two are about disclose of memberships on electoral paraphernalia and the last is about membership being disclosed on the balloting papers.

I completely agree with candidates disclosing their political memberships on all electoral paraphernalia but not on the ballotting material. These candidates are not endorsed by the political parties and we wouldn’t want them to be!

I’m disappointed if any Mayor welcomes all of these changes and the Messenger Article suggests there is one Metro Mayor who does, I will seek to speak to them about this and clarify the accuracy of the reporting.


Cr. Don Palmer’s Blog (well written)

The Ammendment

InDaily Article

AdelaideNow Article

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  1. Hi Lachlan,

    I agree wholeheartedly. While I understand the thrust of the bill, it will achieve precisely the opposite of what it intends. We all know that people who are politically active in parties are also active in councils. It makes perfect sense – if you are motivated by making your world a better place, why not?

    No doubt, some candidates are encouraged by their parties and even gain support with letter boxing etc. from fellow party members. That, too, is simply a natural extension of being interested in politics generally.

    And even if parties actually support candidates for Council election, the current climate is such that they are not identified as being from that particular party and there’s most often little (if any) agenda where ‘party lines’ might try to enforce some diktat.

    Any identification of candidates with a party breaks that code and modus operandi. It makes Councils fair game for party influence and domination. If anyone wants to see what that looks like, visit NSW.

    We don’t need that and we don’t want that!

    Cr Paul Russell
    Klemzig Ward
    Port Adelaide Enfield Council

    Thoughts and comments are my own.


  1. Cr. Don PalmerRobert Brokenshire to create what he wants to prevent

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