What About Food Vans for Unley?

Food vans are a great way for entrepreneurs with little capital to start a business and we should find a way to welcome them into Unley; especially now that the Adelaide City Council has increased their operating costs and limited their accessibility. What about Food Vans for Unley?

Heywood, Ridge, Souter, Page and Orphanage Parks, (not to mention Unley and Millswood Ovals) will attract thousands of visitations each weekend. It is time we made people’s experiences more complete and food vans will do just that.

So I say it is time we opened the door to allowing “Food Vans” into Unley’s public parks.

We can put some parameters around this:

  • identify food van zones,
  • number of food vans per zone,
  • times of day to operate,
  • months in the year to operate, and
  • distance from any existing businesses

Food vans have the capacity to develop themselves to the point they become bricks and mortar eateries. Whilst vacancy rates are comparably low in Unley’s shopping districts we must always foster pathways for economic development.

Before we know it Spring will be here and we will be spending far more time recreating outdoors with family and friends. Celebrating family birthdays, spending longer with the dog off leach or enjoying time with the grand-kids as they laugh, yell and run around giggling. We all love our parks.

I have had a number of people mention to me that they think we should have small cafes or restaurants in our parks. Perhaps our community in not exactly ready for this but there is nothing to be afraid of with a food van. After all, hasn’t Mr. Whippy been delighting us all since we were kids?

Food vans take up 1-2 car parking bays which is not a huge amount of space. They are responsible for ensuring all rubbish is cleared away when they depart.

Find out what has been happening in the City from InDaily here

Tell me what you think

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  1. Hi Lachlan, I think there is no room for food vans on Unley Road because it would hurt the local food businesses already here. If there were to be a function in the Unley Council area, say in a park, where food was not readily available there is a good case to have food vans.
    Perhaps there should be a ‘No food vans within 100 metres of an existing food business’ rule.
    But I do like food vans when they buy their bread from me.

  2. Why stop there? Why not have vans selling clothes eg. corporate attire? You could go and buy a burger from a van while the clothes are being made.

    • That’s called a market Jennie. We don’t have many markets in Unley. There is one at Fullarton Park Community Center once a month. Occasionally a group of traders get together and use the town hall or a community center for a sale.
      I love markets. They too have a place in the community. But like I have clearly stated in my opinion about food vans, they should be located in places where there are specific parameters put on them.
      Have a great day Jennie.

    • I forgot to mention that our family business Angus Clyne which retails and manufactures corporate clothing has sought out oportunities to have stalls at markets in the past and it has been a really positive experience for our company.

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