Registrations Closing for SALA – 18 May

In nature there are a number of mutualistic symbiotic relationships. Think of bees and flowers, of fish that need coral as much as the coral need the fish, or even of the relationship between the farmer and their dog!

When it comes to the worlds biggest living artists’ festival, SALA, there is the wonderful mutualistic symbiotic relationship between the artist and the venues.

Whilst historically you might argue that artists needed venues more than venues needed artists, now, in the context of this wonderful festival, through making venues the hanging wall space of coffee shops, law firms or almost any other business venue you can think of, these “venues” have found the wonderful benefits artists bring through increased customers and an improved work environment.

Both artists and venues must hurry because registrations are closing soon.

VENUES – Thinking about being a venue for the 2015 SALA Festival? Are you looking for an artist? Consider listing your workplace as a venue on the SALA website so artists can find out about you. You can also browse the artist portfolio pages on the right hand column of this page. Download a venue information pack here.

Unley has a great history of involvement in and with SALA through sponsorships and grants for both artists and new venues and we would love Unley to be home to the most numerous venues in the state. The City of Unley has established an artist registration subsidy scheme for artists exhibiting in the City of Unley area. This scheme acknowledges the role that artists and local venues play in the cultural life of the council area.

Subsidies of up to $110 are available to assist individuals and groups with the cost of registering for the SALA Festival. Subsidies will be provided to artists who are:

  • residents of the City of Unley who are exhibiting either in or outside of the Council area
  • artists exhibiting within the City of Unley

Subsidies will only be provided for costs associated with registrations for SALA. Multiple applications may be considered. The closing date for applications will be 25 May 2015. Exact allocation of subsidies will be dependent upon the number of applications received. Applications can be made in writing to: Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator PO Box 1 Unley SA 5061 Or with a copy of the SALA registration receipt. See more information SALA in Unley 2015

REGISTRATIONS CLOSING SOON – Registrations for the 2015 SALA festival are closing very soon – Monday 18 May. If you are an artist looking for a venue browse the list of venues on the SALA website – updated daily. To register an exhibition visit the SALA website or phone the office for more information – 8233 0676.

PRE-REGISTRATION CHECKLIST – Registrations for the 2015 SALA Festival open 16 February. Before registering you need to make sure you have all the information required as it must be completed in one sitting. Download the Pre-registration Checklist here before beginning a registration.

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