The Generation to take Responsibility

Some say, “when I was young the world was better, safer; more friendly”.

I’m sick of this sentiment.

My generation must improve society. When we reach retirement, we must be able to say with sincere confidence, “the world is better than when I was young”.

Let our generation even be brave enough to own responsibility for mistakes talked about as having arisen from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Let this generation take onto our shoulders the burden of these issues and fix them.

Let our generation choose not to blame the previous or the next generation for whatever failings we see in society, but respect what we have and chart a course to improve this community.

I cannot understand how anyone of any age can sit with a straight face and broadly condemn their society. Are these people oblivious to their part. It has been themselves and their piers who have held the levers that have pushed society into its current position.

Any failings they see are surely only a reflection of their own inability to have articulated a better vision for society. It is time for these people to make peace with themselves and society and think about life differently.

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  1. Well put. When I was young the world was better and safer up to a point. But some of it stemmed from the ignorance of the outside world where all we got was what was chosen for us by newspapers and TV, and informative magazines. Not everyone would be listening to international radio stations.
    These days with the internet, we don’t have the luxury of not knowing what is going on around us, but it is your generation that will be tasked with overcoming the problems left by the unknowingness of our generation.

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