Eldercare Invest $11 Million on King William Road

The symbolic, “turning of the sod” is a great occasion for any community. It represents the public acknowledgement that years of planning, of pulling together funding and of growing as an organisation is manifesting itself into improvements in facilities. turning of the Sod for Eldercare on King William Road   Communities benefit from these changes. Especially so with Eldercare’s development. The old administration office has been demolished, rubble removed and within a year will be an 11 million dollar state of the art complex which includes:

  • Improved dementia support facilities
  • a new on site cafe
  • additional communal areas
  • a multi-purpose function room
  • extra car parking
  • 26 new additional beds

The building will include a raft of environmentally conscious design elements across its 1,950sq.m site that allow energy and water to be utilized efficiently. The construction phase will bring in 60 workers to the area whilst another 20 will be involved in various elements off-site. Unley is South Australia’s only Age Friendly City as recognised by the World Health Organisation and this development fits in so well with our vision for active living. eldercare’s new facility, being on King William Road places it on South Australia’s premier cafe, shopping and dining strip. So on behalf of the City of Unley, congratulations to the Eldercare board and staff for investing in Unley and we look forward as a community to welcoming your new residents soon. The turning of the Sod ceremony was done with the Chairman of the Eldercare Board, Rev. Dr. Ian Price in the precence of current residents and staff, dignitaries such as Kate Ellis MP, Daivd Pisoni MP, Steph Key MP and Councillor Luke Smolucha. turning sod 2


For more information about the project of Eldercare themselves please visit the Eldercare Website here.

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