Orphanage Park Pooches Xmas BBQ

The dog community at the Orphanage Park is a special group, close knit yet inclusive. A few years ago they started a Christmas BBQ for the pooches and this year it will be on Sunday the 30th from 4 – 7pm. Donations of dry food or money will go to the Hahndorf Animal Shelter (learn more about them here). There will be some live music to keep people entertained but generally its just a very pleasant, relaxed, sociable outing where people gather and enjoy each others company.

So bring your kids… I mean dogs, to this fun event. It is BYO so don’t forget your sausages. Also, it is worth noting that this group does have a degree of pride in the good behaviour of their pooches so whilst everyone is invited please ensure your dog is always under effective control.

Orphanage Park Xmas Party


The Orphanage Park is located on the corner of Mitchell Street and Goodwood Road in Millswood. Directions to the Orphanage Park here.

Dave Walsh from the Weekend Notes has written a piece about the Orphanage Park Pooces Xmas Party which you can read here.

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