Enter the City of Unley Event Toolkit…

There is a secret event planner in each of us. Let’s face it we all love a party. But with the increased governance issues that face public events the maze of paperwork, who to speak with and what permits to pay has turned many a potential event into a task to difficult to deal with.
We look at our parks and gardens and see them as great spaces for activity but it takes courageous individuals with initiative and motivation to turn them into active spaces that everyone wants to use.
Thanks to the creative mind of one of our amazing staff this previously baffling process has just been made a lot simpler so we may be seeing a whole lot more activity in our parks!
Enter the City of Unley Event Toolkit…
The Toolkit contains a comprehensive Event Planning Guide, with templates, checklists, examples and supporting material to assist you, the event organisers every step of the way. It also outlines key responsibilities and any permits or legislative requirements that event organisers may need to be aware of and ensures the sustainable management of our parks and reserves.
The document is designed to be used as an online resource and we will be encouraging people to complete the forms electronically and return via email to help reduce our environmental footprint.

Click on the image below
to download the complete Event Planning Toolkit

Event Toolkit


Click on the image below
to download an Event Permit Application Form

We encourage you to complete this application online and return via email topobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

Event Toolkit Permit Form

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