The Goody Patch Open Day

I just enjoyed a great hour at the Goody Patch open day. This is a community garden which has been overseen by the Goodwood Primary School and the Unley Council since 2006. It is a welcoming space which enables young people in particular to learn about sustainable gardening, healthy foods and nature.

It was great to see all levels of Government represented and in particular so many young families. The Goody Patch has come a long way in the eight years since it was birthed and it is great to see the continual additions. This last year the inclusion of a waist high fence to keep the dogs out.

It is clear though that Council and State Government need to get together and install a toilet. Hopefully this can be put on the agenda, funding found and construction completed. There are many hoops to jump through but it can happen.

If you want to get involved in the Goody Patch then have a look at their blog, The Goody Patch Webpath. Or join their Facebook page here.

It is located at 12-12A Surrey Street, Goodwood (just off Goodwood Road) and you can see it on the map here.


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