Faith in the Public Square, Christianity and Conflict, War and Peace.

If you are in the city and around the Library on Monday the 10th then I encourage you to spend the hour from 1pm – 2pm in the cirulating library at the State Library of SA on North Terrace.

I know this is a shameless plug but you see I’m speaking on a panel at this event and the topic is one that is close to my heart, “War and Peace”. I’m totally outclassed by the rest of the panel which comprises of Professor Emeritus Trevor Wilson, the Rev Neil Mathieson (Army Chaplain) and I but I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute.

This panel is part of the “Chewing the Facts” series and is auspices by Dr. Rev. Lynn Arnold AO through his ministry “Faith in the Public Square” which is based out of St. Peter’s Cathedral.

I hope to see you there and whilst you mightn’t learn a great deal from me you sure will from the others on the topic or “War and Peace, the concept of a just war, and Christianity and conflict.


Monday 10th November – Circulating Library, State Library of South Australia 1-2pm

“CHEWING THE FACTS” – This month’s topic “War and Peace”, Professor Emeritus Trevor Wilson, Rev Neil Mathieson (Army Chaplain) and Mayor Lachlan Clyne (Lieutenant in the Reserves) will be discussing the issues of War & Peace, the concept of a Just War, Christianity and Conflict amongst others in this year when we reflect upon the fact that one hundred years ago World War I began – the War to end all wars..

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