Pick-A-Picket Campaign

Unley Oval is one of the most loved spaces in the city. With the return of a picket fence, why not memorialise your family on this hallowed ground by putting your name on a picket. All money raised goes towards the construction of the fence.
The City of Unley has approved a permanent fence being erected around the playing field of Unley Oval.Pick-a-Picket campaign is an exclusive opportunity for you to own your own piece of history. Make your mark by purchasing an individually numbered and personalised picket with your nominated name and/or family name.

The money raised will go towards financing the construction of this fence which is necessary to back up the clubs commitment to the City of Unley for the cost of the construction of the fence in the effort to reduce match day set up costs.

Given our rich history here at Sturt Football Club some picket numbers will designate as ‘Legend’ pickets and will be sold via auction.

If I purchase a picket what do I receive?

Your picket will be individually numbered and a plaque will be mounted on the crowd side with nominated name and/or family name.

‘Legend’ pickets will have two plaques – crowd side plaque in blue with nominated name and/or family and oval side plaque with contain ‘Legend’ details as determined by Sturt Football Club.

Sturt Football Club players who have played 100+ games will also feature on the oval side of the picket fence. To view or be involved in the bidding click on the link here.

Plaque examples included below;

What pickets look likePlaque locations are below;

Unley Oval with areas of picket fence for saleKey dates & times related to campaign – date & time

5 Nov, 2014 9am
Sales for pickets located in the Gold, Silver & Bronze category

18 Nov, 2014 @ 6:30pm
Auction of ‘Legend’ pickets held at BarZaar
(166 Unley Road, Unley)

19 Nov, 2014 @ 9am
Online tender for bids of picket numbers deemed significant but not within ‘Legend’ series

21 Nov, 2014 @ 4pm
Online tender closes

Pickets not designated as significant nor legend will be sold on a first in, best dressed basis.

For sales and further information contact the Club on (08) 8271 4611 or visit our website information page – http://sturtfc.com.au/pick-a-picket/pick-a-picket-campaign


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