Where is the line between Jihad and Treason? Australia’s first traitors.

I watched the news and saw a young man with an Australian accent brandishing a gun, surrounded by cowards. In his Australian accent the young man told me about Jihad.

Young fellow in black

He speaks about wanting to bring down the Australian Government. Other corrupted minds have equally encouraged their citizens to overthrow the Australian Government, and of other governments too.

It reminded me of my school days and reading stories from history about rebellious sorts who plotted against the Kings or Queens of their day. In these books if they were caught they were normally executed as traitors in a tower. This is how I learnt about the word treason.

Treason is not a word I have had much cause to use since those days. All be it aside from a fleeting moment when I wondered if my Republican ideals might see me land in hot water with some over-zealous official.

However; seeing this young (once?) Aussie lad and hearing these words of hate,  in knowing that someone wants to destroy the political institutions of Australia which I love, I feel compelled to once again explore this word “treason”. These people are simply treasonous traitors. They are the Judas, the Guy Fawkes, the Brutus, the Wang Jingwei, and the Vidkun Quisling of our nation and our time. In every age and in every nation reside traitors.



These “terrorists” are nothing more than Australia’s first traitors

Australia has laws against treason and they are for traitors. Section 9 of the Crimes Act 1958 spells them out (read it here).

Treason is punishable by a life sentence.

For some reason a “Terrorist” seems to spike my heart with fear. Perhaps its Freudian? Perhaps its the implied terror embedded in the word terrorist.  A “Traitor” on the other hand does not give me pangs of fear. Traitors are “people who betrays a country or group of people by helping or supporting an enemy.” A traitor has no mystic. A traitor is a human (or group of them) who seek to overthrow the powerful in order to gain power (probably just for themselves). Great ambition. Top marks for ambition. Other than ambition though, it is all style, no substance and void of moral worth.

Of course I am not asking everyone to blindly follow what the government tells of us. We question, we rationalize and we discuss. In Australia, we are so fortunate to have the freedom of speech and the rights to vote. From my point of view, I do not think that our situation here in Australia requires a rebellion of this sort, where violence and guns are being used to threaten the safety of all other citizens.

Let’s treat these people for what they are. Traitors.

I must admit that it saddens me to see such videos being posted. Have we failed as a government? Have we failed as neighbours? Have we failed as friends? Have we failed as family? Why would a young man resort to actions of violence? How did this young man get to the point of where he is now, without anyone having the opportunity to intercept? If he had the chance to see what it is like, on the receiving end of such acts, would he think twice?

I must finish this piece off however, with a disclaimer. The acts of these terrorists/traitors should not be trivialized. I simply want to give some perspective to this issue if not for others then at least for me. The idea of Australians becoming terrorists is very truly terrifying. This issue affects our national psychology.

For too long we have allowed Australians to be unchallenged as they incite treason through terror.

What worries me is that we have not challenged our own citizens to consider if they are being treasonous. This worries me because in not challenging them, I’m not sure we have accepted them as Australians. They are Australians and they are subject to the rule of law and they are subject to the laws of treason.

I wonder if that young man brandishing the gun surrounded by cowards ever thought that through his actions, about his family, his neighbours, the people who surround him and love him (those who he hasn’t even yet met), would be disappointed in him wanting to become a traitor? I wonder if he knew how many Australians would do anything to win him back? I wonder if he knew how loved he was by all before he stood up in front of that iPhone to make that YouTube clip?

Ultimately though, let’s call a spade a spade and not call these people terrorist but call them the traitors they have become, to their own family, friends, neighbours and fellow citizens.

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