Power Lines Environment Committee (PLEC) Annual Report

Through a collaboration between SA Councils and SA Power Networks (overseen by the Government of SA) stobbie poles are slowly disappearing. The power lines strung across their tops are being “ditched” that is, put underground. Replacing these rusty concrete “icons” are aesthetically pleasing light poles which are ever more increasingly capable of a variety of functions.

The 2013-14 report details how $14 million will be spent under-grounding about 7 kilometers worth of power lines.

South Australia is a modern state but our population, terrain and geography make modernizing our street lighting and under-grounding our power lines one of the most interesting challenges we face. The benefits of putting our power lines and replacing our street lights with environmentally friendly technologies is obvious to those communities who have experienced the process however; at $2,000 per meter, it’s too expensive for a much needed mass roll out across the state.

The challenge must be to more than half the construction cost.

As a newly appointed member of PLEC I’m very keen to focus on this issue. For now, I encourage you to download the 2013-14 Report: Power Lines Environment Committee (PLEC) Annual Report



Can I congratulate Rosemary Clancy on being very supportive and encouraging in her role as Chair and Stuart McPherson as the Executive Officer.

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