Nominate for Unley Council Elections Now

Local Government Election season is upon us. People interested in running for an elected position through the Council election process can begin their journey by completing and submitting a nomination form between Tuesday 2nd September and 12 noon on the 16th of September 2014. Councillors often find themselves at the wrong end of community criticism however; if you speak to many people who have become involved in the process, they will tell you about the overwhelming satisfaction which can be derived from representing your community.

Democracy needs good people, standing up for the best interests of their community, getting involved in the strategic issues that shape how we live. If not you then who?

I will be submitting my nomination for re-election as Mayor of Unley for the 2014-’18 Council term, my draft 150 word candidate profile is below:

Serving you as Mayor is an honour so I humbly yet enthusiastically seek re-election. As a Local Government first, Unley’s new Council committee structures enabled independent and industry leading strategic thinkers to collaborate with Council on infrastructure, cultural, audit, governance and economic development policy directions. This is enabling Unley to lead Local Government decision making. Unley became SAs only Age Friendly City as recognised by the UN WHO. Unley is a community of possibilities. We must continue turning goals to reality and prudently turn planning into outcomes. We can save money through public street lighting opportunities and the Eastern Region Alliance partnership. We can partner with private enterprise, State and Federal governments to renew our Unley, King William and Goodwood Roads, and our Unley and Goodwood Sports precincts. Let us realise the goal: for Unley to be the premier inner metropolitan council, a lighthouse of progressive cosmopolitan living.

The current group of Councillors have served with the best interests of the community at heart but anyone is welcome to nominate and seek to be elected to the Unley Council team.

There will be a briefing session for people considering nominating as candidates to be held, 7 pm on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 at the Unley Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley, (enter from car park on Oxford Terrace).

To find out more about the nomination and election process there are a number of resources that I’ll direct your attention to via hyperlinks below.


Nomination and Other Forms

  • LG3 – Nomination Form – To be Completed by a Person who is an Elector in Their Own RightDownload document
  • LG4 – Nomination Form – To be Completed by a Person who is a Designted Person of a Body CorporateDownload document
  • LG5 – Nomination Form -To be Completed by a Person who is a Designated Person of a GroupDownload document
  • LG7 – Withdrawal of Nomination by a CandidateDownload document
  • LG8 – Withdrawal of Nomination by a Body Corporate or a GroupDownload document
  • LG13 – Requirements for Profiles and PhotographsDownload document
  • LG20 – Candidate HandbookDownload document
  • LGA – Candidate “Profile” and Candidate “Statement”Download document

I strongly recommend going through the following documents in order to be aware of what Council has been doing and where the current strategic priorities lie:

The City of Unley Community Plan 2033, Download Your Copy Here

The City of Unley Community Plan 2033, Download Your Copy Here

The 4 Year Plan can be downloaded here

The 4 Year Plan can be downloaded here



I look forward to meeting you if you are considering or if you do nominate and I wish you all the best. Nominating for council and running an election is a fantastic experience.




rel=author Lachlan Clyne

0427 132 494


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