Our Royal Adelaide Show Should be SA’s Biggest Tourist Attraction

The Royal Adelaide Show starts on September the 5th and continues until the 14th. That’s 9 days of the best Show in Australia, one more day than normal because this year marks the 175th anniversary of this spectacular event.


I don’t believe this is an idle boast. When you compare our show to those interstate “pretenders” there is the stark difference between our event which brings the country to the city with a phenomenal display and array of goods and livestock, fantastic rides, entertainment, fresh produce, games and goodies compared to other capital city shows which are little more than opportunistic money grabs with scarce connection to the country.

Indeed our Show should be a major tourist attraction. People from around the world love the Australian outback and our Show brings the country to the city. Our show enables people to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna and really taste the country whilst not getting sand and dust in their cloths.

Imagine the hotels filled with international guests who would then go and fill up our restaurants at night or go on to enjoy some day trips into the country after experiencing the excitement of the Showgrounds. The show occurs at a time of year in which there is little else occurring and the weather is characteristically mild with the odd shower or short heat burst.

I hope the SA Tourist Commission and the Government of SA takes up the challenge and sees the potential of this event and sets a target of a quarter of a million tourists by over the next 10 years.

I’m sure this little gem of an event will continue to attract record local crowds this year but lets expand our horizons and reveal this treasure to the rest of the world in order to celebrate our country to the full in a way that will see everyone rewarded.

I look forward to seeing you there and as the Mayor of Unley can I just encourage you to look at the parking signs before you leave your car. I would hate for you to have your day soured by a parking ticket!

Visit the Shows website here.

Get involved and enter something into a show competition here.

Become a Member or Sponsor an event here.

Plan your show day here.


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