A Community of Possibilities – A City Created Together

We’re proud of what we have in Unley, but imagine if we did some things differently and we had the will to make that happen.

Well in 2011 the City of Unley embarked on the largest community engagement strategy in its history, visiting schools, aged care residences and holding open forums for all to have their say on what the future possibilities of Unley hold for us today and for those who will live here in the future.

We asked the Unley community to think about the possibilities, the smart ideas we could bring into our city’s new Community Plan.

These ideas might have been things people had seen or heard of in other places – or just a fabulous bright idea that was thought would make a positive difference.

People were asked to think also about what is good about Unley and what people most valued…because this is what we don’t want to lose.

We used this YouTube to help get ideas flowing:

And here is what you said! The City of Unley’s Community of Possibilities Consultation Ideas Master Copy.

Ideas Master Copy

Download the Master Copy of the Community’s Ideas Here

This then formed the foundation for our “Community Plan 2033”

The City of Unley Community Plan 2033, Download Your Copy Here

The City of Unley Community Plan 2033, Download Your Copy Here


And the Community Plan is further dissected into a Four Year Plan which can be downloaded here.

The 4 Year Plan can be downloaded here

The 4 Year Plan can be downloaded here


Throughout these documents are four key themes. The four key themes considered where:

Technology is changing fast…and so is the shape of our community. We’re getting older, looking for new housing choices, new ways to get around and discovering new job opportunities.
We know that local government also needs to change to meet these new demands.

Think about what we can do to stimulate economic development, to take advantage of innovative trends

Everyone wants an enduring and renewable environment. We need to use fewer of our precious resources. What are the really smart things we can do to achieve that?

Local government has a responsibility to address the impacts of climate change, to think about sustainable development while continuously improving the pleasant environment in which we live.

Think about environmental renewal, creative open spaces, our parks and gardens, water and energy conservation, and how we can plan for these things.

Unley is a great place for families, with quiet suburban streets and a supportive community. We have to balance this with the need for more housing choices, increased density of living and commercial growth on our main streets.
We need to get our planning right, and that means getting people – young and older – meaningfully engaged. We need more things for our kids to do.

Think about better ways of community engagement and participation, main street planning and better community services.

No-one likes getting caught up in traffic, but most of us do. This means we spend too much time getting to and from work and not enough time enjoying things that make life important.
Maybe there are better ways for us to get around, such as more bicycles, clever electric people movers…even longboards!

Think about what local government might do to ease traffic congestion, how we might improve footpaths, roads and bikeways; how we can make everything more accessible to all.

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