King William Road Activation – Download and enter your Parklet nomination here!

King William Road Activation –

Parklet nominations now open!

Lets reestablish King William Road as the premier shopping strip in metropolitan Adelaide and reaffirm its number one spot as the top destination for retail, restaurants and premium services.

The City of Unley is looking for unique and creative Parklet proposals to add new life and colour to King William Road.

Nominations are now open for local businesses and community groups to submit proposals to host a parklet on King William Road between November 2014 and November 2015.

Council will accept nominations until 5pm Friday 29 August 2014.

KWR Concept Image HASSELL

King William Road, Unley, Australia. Photography by HASSELL. 2014.

What are Parklets?

Parklets are temporary structures that create new public spaces within the footprint of 1-2 car parks along main streets and within town centres across the globe. They provide spaces for people to meet, gather, sit, pause or unwind. They are able to enhance the presentation, visibility and recognition of local businesses, as well as add colour, life, greening and more seating and bike racks in the precinct. Parklets can also influence driver behaviour and slow passing vehicle speeds, making main streets safer for all.

Click on image below to view as PDF

Parklet_Curated Street       HASSELL Parklet Concept

Why are Parklets important in Unley?

The Community Plan 2033 identifies the priorities for the City in the next 20 years. The Plan was developed through extensive consultation with the local community to highlight the inspirational differences that can be brought to the City of Unley. The Parklet Program provides an innovative and practical response to achieve this vision:

“Our city is recognised for its vibrant community spirit, quality lifestyle choices, diversity, business strength and innovative leadership.”

The 2014 King William Road Project seeks to inspire the community and enable long term change. Parklets are identified as an important initiative to bring about incremental change along the streetscape as well as a method of testing community values.

The Parklet Program is defined by the following key principles:

  • Encourage safer, greener streets that provide for greater community activity and a distinctive lifestyle
  • Reinforce Council’s collaborative role to support and enable local business initiatives towards economic growth and prosperity
  • Seek a better balance in the shared use of our streets to discover new opportunities for public spaces, accessible to all
  • Support temporary activation initiatives to engage with the community and inform long term precinct change and enhancement

How do I apply for a Parklet on King William Road?

Parklet location, design and activation are to be nominated by businesses or the local community. The most attractive and successful are those that introduce colour and life into the street. Proposals should consider unique and fun ways to encourage people to spend more time on the street and interact with local businesses. Applications should also demonstrate support from the local community for the Parklet through letters or ‘Record of Support’. Public notification is included in the short listing and review process.

The nomination period runs from 18 to 29 August 2104. Once closed Council will short list to 2 preferred Parklets to be further developed and installed on the street by early November 2014. Council’s shortlist process will consider location, level of community support, quality of design concept or unique proposals for activation / theming.

Council will support the successful shortlisted proposals in the development of the detail design proposals and through the approval process.

As a ‘Parklet Host’ what am I responsible for?

The City of Unley will place 2 Parklet structures along King William Road for a 12 month period. These are secure platforms, and provide a great opportunity for local businesses or community groups to give each its own identity and appeal. As ‘host’, you will be responsible for decorating or activating the Parklet as you wish, including;

  • Planting into planters and pots
  • Moveable furniture, cushions and other furnishings
  • Activities, music, entertainment, art and other forms of community interaction
  • Ongoing management, maintenance and upkeep of the Parklet (in accordance with 12 month permit conditions)
  • Relevant fees and insurances

Parklets should be smoke and alcohol free and not be used for the purpose of outdoor dining. They are to remain public spaces free for all to use. Enjoying a takeaway coffee or cake is welcome tho!

What happens after 12 months?

At the conclusion of the 12 month permit, the impact of the original Parklet will be evaluated by Council in consultation with the local community to determine its value to the street, and agree appropriate next steps. These next steps may range from reinstatement of on-street parking to a permanent streetscape upgrade, in accordance with the wider King William Road vision.

The Parklet Program is a pilot scheme to be trialled along King William Road only at this stage. If it is successful, Council may repeat the call for nomination in mid 2015, seeking alternate locations for Nov 2015/16.

Find out more

For further information on the Parklet Program and nomination process, please refer to the following:

City of Unley 2014/15 Parklet Pilot Program

2014 Parklet Nomination Form

Typical Parklet Layout Plans Click on images below to view as PDF

Parklet Outline Plan    Parklet Typical Plan  Parklet Illustrative Model


Council Contact

For further information regarding the Parklet Program, or to register your nomination, please contact:

Ben Willsmore, Landscape Architect, Urban Design

(08) 8372 5111



For more ideas about how to bring Parklets to life, check out the following links:

Adelaide City Council Parklets

rel=author Lachlan Clyne

0427 132 494

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  1. Not everyone in Unley thinks parklets are a great idea. A less needed initiative, and a more ugly initiative, would be hard to imagine. Read Grumpy In Unley’s blog for an alternative (cynical and critical) view of the concept of parklets.

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