Interim Report on Planning Reform – Download it here

Download the interim report on planning reform by clicking on the image below.

What building are approved, where, and against what criteria and guidelines is governed by a complex and intertwined State and Local Government relationship that baffles most, including experts. Any attempt to minimise the red-tape and to make the process transparent for residents, businesses, developers and the two tiers of governments should be welcomed by all.

Our South Australian culture is conservative by nature and as such I’m not surprised by the cautious approach being taken in this process of Planning Reform. This process which aims at cutting red tape seems to have a lot of steps in the process. This latest “interim report” is the latest step. At over 100 pages with 27 recommendations its bound to take some time for all parties to consider.

So here it is folks:

Click to download your copy and better understand what it means for our future

Click to download your copy and better understand what it means for our future

Take the time to understand what it means for you and for Unley and tell me what you think we should embrace, amend or reject.

The report’s guiding principles are:

• be based on meaningful partnerships and shared responsibilities
• maintain clear roles for state and local governments
• strike a fair balance between state, regional and local interests
• help citizens participate in and understand decisions that affect them and the reasons for them
• be supported by effective decision-making frameworks

The 27 recommendations are divided into five parts and are titled as follows:

Reform 1 Establish a state planning commission
Reform 2 Create a network of regional planning boards
Reform 3 Enact a charter of citizen participation
Reform 4 Allow for independent planning inquiries
Reform 5 Make the role of parliament more meaningful and effective

Reform 6 Establish a single framework for state directions
Reform 7 Reshape planning documents on a regional basis
Reform 8 Enact a consistent state-wide menu of planning rules
Reform 9 Build design into the way we plan
Reform 10 Place heritage on renewed foundations
Reform 11 Make changing plans easy, quick and transparent

Reform 12 Adopt clearer development pathways
Reform 13 Provide for staged and negotiated assessment processes
Reform 14 Improve consultation on assessment matters
Reform 15 Take the next steps towards independent professional assessment
Reform 16 Enhance the transparency of major project assessment
Reform 17 Streamline assessment for essential infrastructure
Reform 18 Make the appeals process more accessible
Reform 19 Provide more effective enforcement options

Reform 20 Reinforce precinct-based urban renewal
Reform 21 Allow for more effective provision of open space, parks and urban greenery
Reform 22 Provide incentives for urban renewal
Reform 23 Create new tools for infrastructure funding and delivery

Reform 24 Aim for seamless legislative interfaces
Reform 25 Adopt an online approach to planning
Reform 26 Adopt a rigorous performance monitoring approach
Reform 27 Pursue culture change and improved practice across the system

For how InDaily reported in the interim report click here.

For how The Advertiser reported on the interim report click here.


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