Final Days of Business Enrollment for Unley Elections 2014 – Enrollment Closes 8th August

Lachlan Clyne, Unley Mayor

In Unley, businesses represent may only 10% of all buildings yet they generate 20% of the Council’s rates. Of all the “Cities” surrounding the CBD, Unley has the highest concentration of small businesses and can rightly claim the mantle as the small business capitol of the state. For the City of Unley, small business is fundamentally important and more than any other SA City, Unley has developed a range of programs aimed at assisting small businesses during an extremely difficult economic period.

Economic conditions remain tough and the City of Unley must maintain its focus on economic development and mainstreets. The upcoming elections present a perfect opportunity for small business and mainstreet issues to become a key component of any candidates campaign.

This is why I took the time to hand deliver electoral enrollment forms to every business across the city, from east to west up and down our city’s…

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