Towards More Sustainable Street Lighting (IPWEA Report)

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) is the peak Australian infrastructure body and has just handed down a recent report on the changing nature of street lighting.

Click here to open the report.

Click here to open the report.

South Australia has been incredibly slow to adapt to new street lighting technologies because there is no competition in the market.

“Local councils, however, are pushing for lighting changes and new technologies at a rate that is often faster than the utilities that own the lighting assets are willing to undertake.

Both domestically and internationally, councils and specialist street lighting service providers have generally been quicker to adopt new street lighting technologies than utilities. With reference to LEDs, for example, 27 of the 30 largest LED street lighting deployments in the world are council-owned lighting or are being delivered by a specialist street lighting service provider for a local council. “

Council has recently commissioned an audit into the state of our street lighting assets which will be presented to the Monday August 25th Council meeting. Hopefully this report will also delve into the way forward for Unley and offer advice on how to best position Council to improve lighting efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and expenses.

Read the full IPWEA report by clicking on this link.


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