Rotary’s First District Governor in 30 Years from Unley

photo (17)

With new District Governor 9520 Jerry Casburn

Yesterday Unley Rotary Club celebrated as a local and one of their own, Jerry Casburn became the first District Governor (DG) of 9520 in more than 30 years to come from their club.

Whilst the “Changover” occurred outside the Unley area, the special lunch at Kooyonga Golf Club had a distinctly Unley flavour. Current Unley Rotary President and former Fullarton Ward Councillor Joan Reed was the Master of Ceremonies; more than two tables were members of Unley Rotary in an audience of over 150; Unley Rotary was awarded a trophy and recognition for their benchmark website (click here to view) and being Unley Mayor meant my fiancee and I were honoured to be the only invited dignitaries.

Outgoing DG Wendy Gaborit conducted the handover after delivering a series of thanks to those people who assisted her during her term of office. This was followed by a wonderful speech from new DG Jerry who leaned on the Confucius saying, “It is better to light a candle than to curse a dark room” before motivating those in attendance by declaring that they were spreading the light through their work in Rotary.

To find out more about Rotary 9520 visit their website (click here). Both Unley Rotary and Hyde Park Rotary do an incredible job in the community and I encourage anyone to join.

photo (18)

Outgoing DG Wendy Gaborit conducted the handover to DG Jerry Casburn


photo (19)

Former Unley Councillor and now Unley Rotary President Joan Reed as MC

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