Who Decides? Who can Vote in Council Elections?

Actually, yes, you can vote, because council elections make tenants, (including “non-Australian residents” such as international students over 18 or working 457 visa holders who have lived in Unley for over a month – technically for at least one month prior to August 8th); as well as landlords, holiday house owners and business owners, eligible to vote in Unley’s November Council elections, according to the Local Government Association of SA and the Electoral Commission of SA.

It’s not automatic but it is amazingly easy. Like everything there is paperwork but don’t stress, it’s a “one pager” and easy to complete with only about 10 boxes to fill in. Legally, you need to apply to the Unley Council’s CEO Peter Tsokas but to save time, send the form that applies to your situation (for which form, read below):

Attention Senior Rates Officer

PO Box 1, Unley Road, Unley 5061, SA


To be clear, Unley contains 17 different suburbs. So if you live, rent or own in, Black Forest, Clarence Park, Everard Park, Forestville, Fullarton, Goodwood, Highgate, Hyde Park, Keswick, Kings Park, Malvern, Millswood, Myrtle Bank, Parkside, Unley, Unley Park, Wayville; then you live, rent or own in the Council area of the City of Unley.

Form one is for “Resident’s not on the State Electoral Role, Non-residential Owners, Non-residential Occupiers (tenants), sole owners or Sole Occupiers”. This form can be completed by anyone who has lived in Unley for more than a month (eg: tenants including non-Australian residents, such as international students over 18 or working 457 visa holders) and people who have a holiday house in Unley. Farmers own many a holiday properties in Unley which they stay in over weekends! Download Form One Here: Council Enrolment Form 1 – Generic – Public

Form two is for “Owner or Occupier (tenant)” of businesses. So this form is for people who own a building from which a business is conducted or for people who have a business in Unley but don’t own the building.  Download Form Two Here: Council Enrolment Form 2 – Generic – Public

Form three is for “Group Owners and Group Occupiers”. In this case, if a property is owned by more than one person you can designate who the person will be who gets to vote and similarly, if the business is owned by more than one person, someone can be nominated as the lucky bunny who gets to vote.  Download Form Three Here: Council Enrolment Form 3 -Generic – Public

For more information about which form you need to complete and return go to the Local Government Association of SA website here or the Unley Council website here.

I don’t need to extol the virtues of participating democratically but if you have lived in the Unley Council for over a month, done business here or own a property then you are part of the community.

What this Council does for society, for business and in planning is a framework which guides how we identify who we are as individuals and as an interconnected community.

More people are eligible to vote in Council elections than in State or Federal elections because Councils focus on the building you the roads that bring families together, customers into shops and families into parks (oh, and we care for those the parks also; mind you, Unley should be responsible for the Adelaide South Park Lands but that’s another issue for another time).

Get your forms in before August the 8th in order to qualify. If you have any questions simply call Unley Councils helpful staff on 83725111 or the Electoral Commission of SA on 1300655232.

Download and read the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 here.


Whilst I am the incumbent Mayor of Unley, the opinions and comments I make on this site are my own and I am a candidate for Unley Mayor 2014.

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