I can’t believe you’re #LikeAGirl

“You’re a girl! You do it like a girl”!

I often wondered when this insult would be challenged by society. This insult that implies you do something or are inferior.

When I look at my 4 year old nieces and my cousin’s 2 year old daughter I struggle to think how damaging this insult will be for them especially during their teenage years. I can only imagine how destabilizing it could be for them to think that it didn’t matter what they did, you see as a “girl”, the way they did anything would be inferior.

Continuing as we are, society will make my nieces inferior before they’ll be eligible to vote.

“You’re a Girl” is similar to those now politically incorrect terms, “you’re gay” or “you’re an Aborigine” which implied that you were not the same and inferior. Schools seem to have effectively removed this tag line from the school yard and indeed it’s only in the darkest corners of far flung minds that these terms are still insults. But “you’re a girl”, is still a taunt in too many classrooms.

Political correctness has it’s place and I hope this campaign (#LikeAGirl) continues to gain momentum. In an extreme sense, political correctness can be used as a weapon to effect paralysis in debate but when used to highlight an ill in society it is fantastic. Degrading someone by taunting them they are #LikeAGirl is just such a societal ill.


I’m only sorry I didn’t raise this on my own: but then again, who listens to a Mayor? So I’m supporting this initiative #LikeAGirl and hope we can all agree this cultural term of phrase is immature. Our society needs to move past it and teach our kids that telling people they are “girls” or that they do something, “like a girl” is a compliment, not a criticism.

So I’ll write to the schools in the Unley area and just bring this to their attention. I’m sure they do a great job already but if we can highlight it across the community then we will all be the better for it.

If reelected as Mayor, I’ll encourage Council to fund $5,000 towards a campaign through all our schools promoting this issue (unless the popular media or education department beat me to the punch with a strong campaign)!

It would be nice to think that down the track this can be extrapolated towards better understanding women in our popular culture; who we hold up in the media and what impact they have. I don’t think we’ve cracked that nut just yet.


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3 replies

  1. Absolutely agree Mr Mayor. I too have oft cringed when hearing this description. And if I too get back in you have my vote on this one.

  2. #LikeAGirl – “Girl” should be struck from the dictionary.

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