Widen the Creek at Orphanage Park? Have Your Say by 4th July

Council seeks your feedback on initial options for managing stormwater flows through Orphanage Park under a ‘creek capacity upgrade’ option.

Click here to go to Unley’s “Your Say” online consultations site.

Addressing stormwater management issues also provides opportunities to rehabilitate the creek, recognising the importance of the heritage stone lining and the natural ambience of the area.

The section of the creek running through Orphanage Park has approximately half the capacity required to cater for a 1 in 100 year flood under a ‘creek capacity upgrade’ option.

The additional capacity required could be achieved in a number of ways. Please view below, as presented to the community on 22 June, 4 feasible options ranging from increasing the capacity of the creek to take 100% of the flows through to installing a smaller / larger culvert to take additional flows.

Creek capacity upgrade solution

The five participating catchment Councils (Adelaide, Burnside, Mitcham, Unley and West Torrens), have agreed to place priority on investigating a creek capacity upgrade solution for the upper reaches of Brown Hill Creek.

Essentially this involves widening the creek bed and/or modifying the creek banks at critical points to ensure there is sufficient capacity for one in 100 year peak flows.

Any works would be undertaken in negotiation with affected property owners or users of public areas, such as Orphanage Park.

Importantly it is not proposed to concrete the creek. Maintaining the creek in ‘good condition’ – clear of vegetation and debris that might impede water flows – is required for all of the mitigation options being investigated, not just the ‘creek capacity upgrade’ option.

Your feedback

Initial community feedback on options for Orphanage Park will be reported back to Unley Council in July 2014, and will assist the Brown Hill Keswick Creek (BHCK) Stormwater Project in determining the feasibility of a ‘creek capacity upgrade’ option.

The findings of all options investigated for upper Brown Hill Creek will be presented later this year as part of a wider community consultation process.

We would appreciate your comments via the forum below. Your feedback is welcomed until the close of business on Friday 4 July 2014.

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