Toast to Lions International at 2014 Unley Lions Handover

As Mayor, I attended Unley Lions “Handover” and gave the toast to Lions International. It was a great event with over 50 people attending and good to see the Deputy Mayor get involved as a volunteer photographer (see if you can spot him in the photo below!

The LIONS Unley Presidents Report demonstrates how they get involved in a huge range of projects. If you are interested in joining, why not contact their President Frank Salerno or Councillor Peter Hughes (

Here is the toast,

First let me reflect on the Lions International Vision Statement which reads:

To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

And isn’t it great to see the vision enacted locally through the service you provided to the Unley community this year through such endeavours as arranging the transport for senior citizens which enabled them to attend the Xmas Concert, through your members getting involved in meals on wheels and donating towards Lions’ Spinal Cord Fellowship.

Let me reflect on the Lions International Mission Statement which reads:

To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

And isn’t it wonderful to see this mission of empowering volunteers to serve their communities through your members volunteering in the Red Shield Appeal and providing a BBQ at the LAN Online Gamers Party at the Goodwood Community Centre and for residents during the community consultation at Orphanage Park just yesterday.

If we take the Macquarie Dictionary’s definition of humanitarian as being, “having regards to the interests of all humankind; broadly philanthropic”, then isn’t it a testament to see the Lions International mission of meeting humanitarian needs enacted in our Unley community through the welcoming of new citizens, the donations to over 10 charities and the collections of glasses and sunglasses for use in 3rd World Countries.

And finally, isn’t it heart-warming to see Lions Internationals’ Mission of encouraging peace and promoting international understanding enacted right here through being involved in Citizenship ceremonies, visiting the afflicted in hospital and donating to disaster relief efforts.

We have these things happening here, because of you, enacting the vision and mission of Lions International.

So without anything further from me, I’d ask you all to stand, and I’ll propose a toast to Lions International.

photo (13)photo (15)

Lachlan Clyne

0427 132 494

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