Street Lighting: Old Technologies Costing You More

The front page of today’s Advertiser shines a light on SA Power Network (SAPN) but it’s their monopoly over street lighting that is having a negative impact on the community, the environment and your rates bill.

Unley Council spends half $1 million dollars on street lighting and our street lighting accounts for one third of our carbon footprint. Unley is the 14th largest of 68 Councils in SA so you can imagine how many millions Councils spend and how large the total carbon footprint of street lighting is across the entire state.

Perhaps it is because SAPN has a monopoly over street lighting that SA is encumbered with outdated cumbersome street lighting technology that is highly inefficient and expensive to run. How much money are all of SA’s Council’s spending on street lighting which is ultimately passed on to you the rate payers?

SAPN needs to “get with the program” and choose to modernize or the SA Government must be compelled to step in and introduce legislation that enables other providers to enter the market.

The monopoly that SAPN has arises from its historical origins emanating from its State owned forebear ETSA. Times have changed. The rest of the world has started introducing solar lighting. Why are we so far behind and so seemingly reluctant to change?

Our ratepayers, our environment and our state needs SAPN to bring the state into the modern era.

In the interim, if you find a faulty street light, you can report it here. To find out some facts about street lighting click here.


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