Unley’s Volunteers – The Exceptional 1% of 1%

“Giving that extra 1% is that exceptional extra effort that goes over and above what would otherwise be called giving your all. In giving that extra 1% often huge differences are made in so many circumstances. Sports coaches refer to this, magical 1% all the time as do parents and business mentors.

Unley’s 450 volunteers out of a population of 36,000 are that 1%. That 1% of the community that make such a huge, deep and lasting impact on the lives of others and on the overall happiness of the community at large.

What is special about volunteers is that each individual volunteer makes a conscious decision to give of their own free will, without the excited encouragement of a mentor and even more remarkable is, there is no fiscal or physical reward, just that sense of selflessness and satisfaction at having helped.

What further inspires me about Unley’s volunteers is that alongside our volunteers being a special 1% of the community, our volunteers give an extra 1% of effort on top of what they already do in their already busy lives.

Unley’s volunteers truly are the exceptional 1% of 1%. So today it is with a great deal of pride that I get to recognise the significant contribution of Unley’s volunteers who have reached a volunteering milestone and it is with thanks to the Governor Kevin Scarce that we can do this on the grounds of Government House. It is humbling to think that some of you have been volunteering for 30 years or more and so that means some of you have been volunteering for as long as I have been alive.

It is truly amazing what a huge difference just 1% of 1% can made to a population and a community such as Unley.

So on behalf of all the Councillors, staff and the entire residential, business, schooling and aging communities of Unley who you collectively serve, thank you for all your volunteering, thank you for being a truly remarkable 1% of 1%.

Speech given at Government House to celebrate Unley’s volunteers in 2014 during volunteers week in May.

By Lachlan Clyne – Mayor, City of Unley

Email 1: unley.mayor.clyne@gmail.com

Email 2: mayor.clyne@unley.sa.gov.au

Council: 08 8372 5106

Mobile: 0427 132 494

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