Secure Shredding Service for Unley’s Retirees’ Documents – Election 2014

Guarding individual’s identity information is of the utmost importance and Council can play its role. The unscrupulous ability of deviants to access unsecured banking, credit card and other documents that are innocently placed in the rubbish bins can result in devastating financial implications for unsuspecting persons.

If returned as Mayor of Unley, I would seek the support of Council and Administration to instigate a secure shredding service for rate paying retirees.

A majority of retirees still receive paper financial statements and securely disposing of these documents can present a challenge for many. Through the nature of what Unley Council does, it generates many, private, confidential and financial documents which of necessity must be disposed of securely, so this initiative would expand that service.

It is envisaged that each of Unley’s retirees would be entitled to dispose of up to 200 pieces of paper per year free of charge. Retirees account for about 16% of Unley’s 36,000 population which is about 5,750 people. If the service was fully subscribed over 1 million papers would be securely disposed of. Collection of the papers can be on demand or at regular intervals. Based on the amount of paper being collected this would require an estimated 8 pickups per year. The cost of this service would be minimal with each pick up $45 and a bin rental of $60 per year it would prudently cost Council $420 per year.

I think this is an especially important service to provide to our retirees who for a myriad of reasons may find themselves unable to easily dispose of their documents securely. It might be the strength required to tear up large numbers of documents is a difficult thing (which is hard for many to understand, but weight until you are in your late 80s!). It is a service which allays fear and gives confidence that the documents have been truly disposed of.

The City of Unley is the only South Australian Age Friendly City and I believe this initiative is in line with the leadership role this Council has taken in the aging space.

By Lachlan Clyne – Mayor, City of Unley

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Council: 08 8372 5106

Mobile: 0427 132 494

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