For my kids – The Republic of Australia

I want the political system to regard you with respect, justice, and equality. I want the system to recognise you as a most valuable person in society, not giving preference to others through dint of their birth. There should be no class distinction, no first class family, above us all, living that other side of the world but each family, as equal as one another, living and creating our nation together.


You are not to live in a society which confines you by barring you from any part of the political system.  You shall have the freedom to access all areas of political life should that be your inclination and endeavour. You should not be bound from birth to be under the rule of the monarch, born into subservience by the system but instead you should access all areas and determine who holds the highest offices.

Let our culture, our society engender in you an understanding of your personal freedoms, of your rights and independence so that you have from the earliest of ages a solid confidence in your identity, your sense of self and your empowered part in political life. Let it not stand that embedded in your psyche is a shadow of servitude to a foreign, distant and remote crown who will never once come down your street nor know the name of your suburb.

Let you be afforded the status, “equality” and let that be enshrined in our new constitution where you are given the right and respect to responsibly participate in the democratic process of scrutinising all candidates who seek to hold a position of leadership over your life and the nation in which you live. I want for you to formally and proudly cast a vote for our nation’s Head of State because I trust you and I trust the people of Australia.

I want our citizens to reveal what vision they hold for the future of Australia. I want to hear their words and be challenged to see how our nation can improve as it evolves over time. I want to hear that contest of ideas which spurs innovation, engenders community and motivates industry. I believe that persons of integrity, fired by a bold love of their neighbours are raised in Australia and it is these people who should preside over and lead all the nation. And I want you to be the one who the system gives the same equality to as the person who comes of age tomorrow so that you have equal power in determining which Australian will lead.


By Lachlan Clyne – Mayor, City of Unley

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Council: 08 8372 5106

Mobile: 0427 132 494

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