The Greatest Inspiration – Jesus

This world is full of misery, disappointment, deception and lies. The competition to become powerful and influential in society sees a myriad of injustices played out across a multitude of spheres as one person trips another up in order to climb over their fallen status and claim a higher ranking in the social pecking order.

No one is immune from this game which is played out across societies, even within families, friendship groups, sporting communities and service clubs, at work, in the media and politics. It’s a cause for much  personal distress which leads to depression, anxiety attacks, breakdowns and worse.

I have no formal studies in this topic but instead have the experience of being put in a small cold metallic police station holding cell, shoelaces and tie taken from me, fingerprinted and photographed all because of an allegation which over two years was determined to be a false. The powers that be in this state… it makes you wonder.

This short experience in a prison cell was a most humiliating of experiences which I rarely reflect on but when I do the one point that sticks with me was that in the midst of it all I found myself reciting, “The Lords Prayer” over and over again in my head.

From the moment I laid eyes on the police who stood just beyond the wooden door frame on the porch at the front of my house early that morning, I had as you can imagine, a heightened state of awareness. It was a state that I stayed in as they led me to the car, drove me to the police station and walked me into that cell.

The cell was a cold place and one I never imagined I’d find myself in. In my mind, it was where the bad guys ended up. For me, the police could never do wrong. Both my parents had spent considerable time serving on the streets as police, in Special Task And Rescue (S.T.A.R.) Group, in the courts as police prosecutors or working on special projects for the Commissioner. For me, anyone who the police arrested was guilty. So how was it that the police could wrongly arrest me? Here I was in an inconceivable position, arrested and charged and if the rest of the world thought like I did about the integrity of the police system, then surely I would be condemned in the court of public opinion.

The Lord’s Prayer” kept me calm, it was a reassuring balm that soothed the burning distress that threatened to consume my world. It had been my life’s work to become Mayor and lead my city. This arrest was surely a move to end it all, it must have been politically motivated. My mind was full of imagined demon plunderers encircling my world and tearing at those tightly held and cherished childhood and ever present visions of leading my city. Yet within the chaos of my mind I found myself standing silent and still and with the Lords Prayer on my lips this terror that I felt around me was strangely unable to approach and touch me.

The ensuing 18 months until the charges and the matter was finally thrown out of court was punctuated my moments of similarly heightened awareness. Court appearances, Council meetings and personal encounters with politically motivated individuals all played their part in threatening to tear apart my world. The Lords Prayer was recited each time and each time the demons would metaphorically fly away defeated. Through it all I would play my part in leading an organisation through significant cultural and organisational change and large community engagement strategies that have us on the verge of breakthroughs to begin large scale projects.

I’d been a Christian for many years but had struggled and wrestled with my faith. I had never read the bible. I had a rough understanding of the general outline of the story of Jesus’s life and the lives of the apostles but it was largely superficial. I attended Church every Sunday and loved the sermons and the service, its reflective nature and the sincerity which allowed me to better understand life.

It was after my arrest that I came across two very very important people. The first was Craig Broman and the second was Lynn Arnold. Craig was the father of a year 12 Concordia student and we met at a school function I was attending in my capacity as Mayor of Unley. We began talking about the bible and after I said I’d been struggling to read the book for years, he offered to go through the Book of Luke with me over a series of coffee mornings.

Christ’s story is the greatest inspiration.

A man first loved by the masses then vehemently hated to the point of execution. It’s actually a gripping book with a great depth and is full of wonders. The book is remarkably short and easy to read. If you are looking for some inspiration this Easter, I encourage you to read the Gospel of Luke. Even if you are not a believer, this story is filled with inspiration.

Whilst life, it seems,will always be filled with deception; life is also filled with instances of overcoming odds, of great triumphs despite persecutions and petty differences of opinions.

The great hope is that one day these cultural traits will cease to be a factor in the way we treat one another and that harmony will reign between us all. For that is why God sent us his son, to be with us and to die for our sins, so we may learn to forgive those who know not what they are doing.

Go on, be inspired, read the Gospel of Luke and in turn let yourself be inspired.


The Lords Prayer

Our Father, 

Which art in Heaven,

Hallowed by your name.

Your Kingdom Come, your will be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our Sins,

As we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from sin,

For the Kingdom, the power and the Glory are yours,

Now and Forever,


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