Friends with a Double Shot of Fringe Benefits at the Unley Coffee Fiesta

Watch out for the Double Shot! Unley Coffee Fiesta on Sunday the 16th of March, a Fringe benefit to Unley residents. Unley Council has agitated for some years to find a way of getting involved in the Fringe. With our main road shopping strips (Goodwood, Unley, King William and Glen Osmond Roads) having attracted South Australia’s best coffee houses, dovetailing Unley Council’s coffee prowess into a Fringe event should be a winner. Just imagine, Unley’s best coffee houses showcasing their blends from around the world. You can find out more details by going to the Fringe website by clicking here or have a look at the Fringe app here. But it is a free event so you don’t need to book. So I’ll see you at the Unley Soldier’s War Memorial Gardens next month, Sunday the 16th of March!


And now, ever so quickly, a little ditty about some Fringe benefits for Unley Businesses. I was doing a spot of shopping for my weekly dose of bananas when I heard the most amazing tale. Business is good. “Why?” I asked, somewhat surprised at the natural confidence in this tale. I hadn’t heard a tale of genuine optimism from the small business sector for many a month. It was because of the Adelaide Fringe. At first glance I struggled to understand how this seeming average fruit and veg shop, tucked away in the Arkaba could be making the cash register sing from the Fringe. “We are delivering and selling 1 tonne of limes to Fringe venues like, “the Depot”, “the Garden of Unearthly Delights” and “The Royal Croquet Club”. It reminded me of a saying my mum used to repeat, “If you can sell one pair of socks to every person in Australia for a dollar, you’ll be a millionaire”.  It was good to hear a local Unley Business doing a roaring trade out of the humble lime and thanks to the Fringe.


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