A Win for Unley – Assessments of Developments to Return to Councils

On the 27th of November I spoke to the State Government’s ERD Committee seeking to have the Government’s decision to take planning out of Unley Council’s control for 5 story developments or higher. I was deflated by the court not agreeing with this position.

This became a hot issue with residents groups across the inner metropolitan area. The Local Government Association of SA prioritized this as a an issue which needed to be addressed during the State election campaign (view below)

I’ve just learnt that under a Liberal Government the assessments of developments will be handed back to Unley (read the InDaily article here). This is a win for Unley. Read my submission below.

I just spoke in Parliament about Unley and Greenhill Road. Recently the Planning Minister John Rau agreed to amend Council’s development plan but controversially the assessment powers have been stripped from Council and handed to the state.

So it will be an anxious time for Unley residents as we await the deliberations of the Environment and Resources Development Committee’s (ERDC) determination on the proposed Development Assessment (DA) amendments for Unley and Greenhill Roads.

I went in to speak with the members of the ERDC:
– Presiding Member Gay Thompson

Hon Michelle Lensink

Mr Lee Odenwalder

Hon Mark Parnell MLC

Mr Tim Whetstone MP

Hon Carmel Zollo MLC

I made the following four points to argue for chafes to schedule 8:

Clarity of Process
Councils proven track record of making the right decision

Clarity of Process
There is one development assessment authority, Council. These changes will create two and cause confusion in the community and for the developers.

The DAC will leave Unley out of pocket. It will take a seniour council planner one week of full time work to make an assessment so that we can put a submission to the DAC on residents behalf.

Unley Council has for well over a decade lead, liaised and shaped its development plan with its community. Attaining large areas as heritage and character. The community trusts council far more than the breather reaches of the unattainable state government bureaucracy that will ultimately be responsible.

Councils proven track record of making the right decision
Put simply, in the last three years council has received 3,000 development applications. Only 2 have been overturned by the courts. So in short, councils make the right decisions.

This is the official Hansard copy of what I said in Parliament yesterday on behalf of Unley’s residents:






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