Encouraging and Welcoming Warm Hearted Community Investment in our Parks and Open Spaces

Unley’s parks and gardens are wonderful places where many memories are made and shared. If members of the community want to philanthropically improve our parks it should be easy and simple for this to occur. People sometimes wish to contribute and be it a park bench or tree planting (as typical examples) or a small playground, fitness equipment, BBQ area or sensory garden, Council should encourage and welcome this type of warm hearted community investment. Any of these small infrastructure donations improve the quality of our parks and open spaces and better enable others to continue in sharing the joy and enhancing what is available to all.

photo (7)

We need a policy which gives greater scope for members of the community to be able to pay for small infrastructure in our parks and public spaces. Whether it be a memorial in remembrance of a loved one or simply a generous philanthropic gift, if it improves our parks through the addition of good quality small infrastructure then we all benefit.

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