Amalgamate the Position of Mayor and State MP for a Competitive Advantage

The Advertiser having picked up the story will engender some community discussion but until a Government seriously looks at reform nothing will change.

Lachlan Clyne, Unley Mayor

Shortly after being elected Mayor of Unley I had a vision for South Australia which I felt would give the State a competitive edge over our neighbouring Australian States and make us a beacon of best practice Government. I love the state of South Australia enormously. I feel a sense of pride when I talk to interstate and overseas visitors about our state, its innovations and ethical, egalitarian society. Reform often only occurs when there has been a catastrophic failure of the system. Like any problem, the first step is to recognise that there is a problem and name it.

The first question I ask is, do we have a problem?

Let’s look at the situation.

South Australia has 68 Councils and 69 State Members of Parliament. Each Council has on average 10 Elected Members (9 Councillors and a Mayor) and our State Parliamentary representatives are divided into a 47…

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