Election 2014 – Making Rubbish Collection Easier in Busy Streets

The streets of northern Unley, the streets closest to our main shopping areas, schools or sporting facilities often face the reality that parking is at a premium. Unlike quieter streets, the on street parking in-front of their property is often occupied by another persons car causing resigned frustration for many residents that occasionally boils over. One of the largest costs to Council is the collection of waste. A local frustration is not having your rubbish collected which can occur when someone else’s car gets in the way. If re-elected I’ll make rubbish collection easier on Unley’s busy streets.

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Thanks to a very kind elderly Greek man in Goodwood, a practical solution has been raised which I’ll pursue if re-elected as Mayor in 2014.

His idea was to simply mark the road with two yellow “no-parking” lines. These lines would extend from the curb into the road and would designate a no parking area. This area would stop parking across that area where the arm of the rubbish collection truck extends out to grab your bins. The installation of accompanying signage to indicate “no parking” in this area at a specific time, on the morning/afternoon when the rubbish is due to be collected. Unley’s rubbish collection would be free to more quickly move through a street, less impeded by cars parked across where trucks need to collect rubbish, reducing the frustration for the rubbish collection team, residents and drivers who often get caught behind a slow moving rubbish truck. For those who like me suffer from a little obsessive-compulsive disorder you will be glad to know you can neatly put your bins out and the rubbish collectors will now neatly put them back again.

This system would only be implemented in streets where the issue was identified by residents or staff.

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