A Bump on the Road to some Double Blue Coffee With the Mayor 29 Jan 2014

29 Jan

This morning I woke up a little late. I do this occasionally. My excuse being the late hour I arrived home last night. Not because I was out partying. Sadly I don’t do much of that. Rather because the January Full Council meeting concluded at a later than usual hour.

So I arrived a little bleary eyed at 8:10am to my Wednesday morning haunt, Pellegrini’s Cafe, with it’s music ever so slightly too loud. Luckily Scott was there from Sturt Football Club. He is such a great guy. Always warm and friendly. He was covered in paint and was having a short break from volunteering duties inside the McKay stand where he is doing a pile of painting.

I was able to explain that Council had found itself unable to make a decision on doing anything at Unley Oval last night but that we would likely have a Special Council Meeting at the end of February or in the first week of March in order to determine what we will do. I don’t think it is cause for alarm but I’m expecting a flurry of applause from the anti-anything at Unley Oval group to be given far too much exposure in our local paper. Scott seemed fairly casual about the whole issue and after some discussions about the Unley Museum’s “Made in Unley” exhibition, vacancies on King William Road and the ability of some people to talk underwater he left me to return to improving the community by painting a Council facility free of charge.

So with Scott now gone I settled into the black sofas and opened my Christmas gift, “The Stalking of Julia Gillard”. I was just finishing the introduction when Michael came over to ask, “Is anything going to happen at Unley Oval in our lifetime?” It was a fair question I thought as the answer, based on the last 30 years would be yes, but not much. He told me about his frustration at living next to the oval, being a dog owner, exerciser, family man and Sturt supporter. He ticks all the boxes of an Unley Oval user except Sturt hater. We talked about the various plans which have crept up over the years to improve the oval, all of which have achieved little and we mused about the possibility of history repeating itself. I explained that the Council would likely seek to have a Special Council meeting in order to arrive at an agreed position on this subject. Micheal left me to attend to his business meeting and wished us well in making a decision.

I delved into my book once again and as the clock approached 10am Nikita approached with her young son holding a couple of his favorite CDs. Nikita asked what the process is to enquire about the feasibility of getting speed humps installed on Ferguson Ave. I explained the process can take some time, years in fact, and can be met with frustration unless there is clear and demonstrated support from a very clear majority of residents. I also explained that there might be some alternative ways of calming the speed of the traffic down. I asked Nikita for her email and quickly sent her an email from my phone so that she had my details and could explain her concerns. I’ll forward her details onto the Ward Councillors and our staff who deal with traffic. We can then investigate what the best solution to calm the speed of traffic is on Ferguson Ave.

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