Election 2014 – Leases that Put Our Community and Sporting Clubs at the Heart of Unley

Unley Council currently has 28 leases with community and sporting groups for use of council owned buildings and open space (ovals and playing fields). These groups enable the coordination of sporting and recreational activities which builds the talent of our youth in particular. I will work to ensure we establish a leasing policy which frees up their resources and puts our clubs at the heart of Unley

The value of land and buildings owned by Council is in excess of $6.5 million with the expected revenue from leasing to be just under $160,000 making the average yearly lease just over $5,000 per annum.

There is no denying that many community and sporting groups have struggled with retention of members as the evolution of society has seen a change in social behaviour and interests.

If re-elected as Mayor in November 2014, I will seek the support of Council to enact a “Pepper-corn Rent” of $1 per year.

Our sporting and community clubs need to be able to utilise the money they generate to promote their endevours to the broader public and to deliver the best possible services to their memberships.

The income Council generates from the combined lease takings enables Council to do very little in the whole scheme of things but that same money, utilised by the clubs, would give them much greater scope to improve what they do.

If the Unley community through Unley Council can not afford to own the buildings and land then we should consider their future and in the same vein, if we can afford more buildings to house more community groups we need to look at acquisitions.

Girl Guides, Scouts, Hockey, Bowling, Tennis and Croquet clubs; Safer Communities Australia, Meals on Wheels and the Cancer Care Center would all have a greater capacity to focus on their core business – serving you, the community – through a peppercorn rent.

This is another policy, putting the Community at the Heart of Unley.

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