Keeping the Community at the Heart of Unley – 2014 Unley Local Government Election

I will be defining Unley’s 2014 Local Government election campaign by, “Keeping the Community at the Heart of Unley”.

Keeping you at the heart of Unley is about understanding you, sharing in pressures you face and creating the environment which enables you to live with fulfillment. How can a Council best deliver services, have a planning policy which is clear and unambiguous, and ensure our road, footpath and open space infrastructure will create the pleasant quality of life you expect when you live in the City of Unley? This Council has been making Unley a Community of Possibilities and is striving to create opportunities for you and your family whilst respecting a small  “g” Government approach to our policy frameworks. We have reduced our ongoing expenditure by over 1 million dollars to ease the burden that rates impose on household expenditures.

I walk to the park with my Malteser x poodle “mate”Ted, ride a bike along our streets to work, do my shopping in our mainstreet shopping businesses and pound the pavement to meet locals about issues affecting them. I feel the cost of doing business in tough economic times and understand the importance of minimising Council expenditure whilst ensuring we create opportunities to come together in celebration.

The results of this term of office speak for themselves. We have managed to become South Australia’s only, “Age Friendly City” as recognised by the United Nations’ World Health Organisation. Improved open spaces with more facilities across the range of age demographics such as the Unley Oval and the Heywood Orphanage Park. Innovative guidance and collaboration with and for our business community to better draw online and social media sales and inquiry internet traffic to our main street business districts such as WIFI on Goodwood Road that is currently being implemented. Deeper and more meaningful community celebrations through collaboration with our Rotary and Lions service clubs, Independent and Government junior and senior schools, sporting and Trader Associations, both big (King William Street Gourmet Gala) and small (Goody Patch).

Unley Council has demonstrated a collaborative approach to governing and continues to invest in benchmark communications strategies which will ensure our community consultations continue to improve, keeping you informed and giving the best chance for the right decision to be achieved in a complex and inclusive local government context. We aim to be accessible and timely in our responses. We strive to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.  Being open and transparent about our decision making process and the information we have at our fingertips, by putting up our meeting agendas on online portals.

I want you to know that the Council I lead will continue to, “Keep the Community at the Heart of Unley”. I believe we have achieved a great deal across the scope of decisions we have made to date. This has laid the foundations for the coming term and I seek your support for the upcoming Local Government election.


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