Thanks to Corporate Sponsors like Norman Waterhouse Lawyers for the Unley Gourmet Gala

The Unley Gourmet Gala is the City of Unley’s major community party. Residents and business owners can let their hair down in an atmosphere of summer fun. Councils like Holdfast Bay have New Years Eve celebrations, well, this is Unley Council’s big community event. These events which cost money are important social community events. So it is thanks to corporate sponsorship from companies like Norman Waterhouse Lawyers whose financial contribution helps to deliver these events, and importantly, offset the running cost of the event.

Satish from Norman Waterhouse with the winners of the business card draw

Sathish from Norman Waterhouse with the winners of the business card draw

I haven’t heard what the attendance numbers were last night but regardless of whether or not records were broken it was extremely popular.

So it is also important to thank:

King William Road Traders,

Wirra Wirra,

Tomich Wines,

Novatech – Creative Event Technology

Phil Hoffman Travel,

Toop & Toop (thank you for allowing us to hold this event in the Abbey).


I also extend thanks to the tireless staff and volunteers who play a very important part in ensuring the Gala maintains its status as one of Adelaide’s finest food and wine events.

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