Fruit and Nuts and Coffee with the Mayor 22 Jan 2014

For an hour and a half I sit in the coffee shop. Pellegrini’s Cafe, with its music slightly too loud is geographically ideal for, “Coffee with the Mayor” every Wednesday between 8am and 10am. With the school holidays and the time of year, residents must have other things on their minds than to come and talk with me today. The occasional resident or Unley staff member comes past and says hi. I surf the net and read a book on multiculturalism in preparation for our Australia Day ceremony.

And in walked Hilary. By all accounts a bubbly personality. She told me her call to council had resulted in her being directed to come and meet with e on a Wednesday morning.

I like people like Hilary, community minded, involved and interested in what happens on their street.

Hilary came to raise three issues with me but we ended up talking about a few more than that.

On the top of her list, how do we let more people know that when the street tree in front of their house is being replaced, Council has a range of fruit and nut trees which can replace what was previously there.

We discussed a range of communication options from asking that street banners be put up, an article be written in Unley Life Magazine or uploaded on various websites (Unley’s and Councillor blogs such as this one). Hilary said she was thinking to laminate a sign and hang it from her trees advertising the fact that fruit and nut trees are an option as street trees. I said this was a good idea which reminded me of the small plaques council puts up when a resident adopts a tree in our, “Adopt a Tree” program that has proved very popular.

So I thought I’d use this space to explain what street trees are available. My first problem is encountered as I look on our website. I can’t find the list. It is a little embarrassing. Maybe it’s me internet searching skills. So sadley I can’t use this forum at this time to better inform you. I’ll send an email, ask the question and get back to you.

Did you know you can do the same thing? Often we have questions but don’t ask them because we don’t know who to ask. If you have the same issue in relation to Unley here is the email address to use to ask the question:

Hilary’s second point was in relation to street art. She pointed out the wonderful art on Goodwood Road and lamented that there wasn’t more on Unley Road. To my disappointment we haven’t had any street art installed on Unley Road in this term of Office. I did however; point out that we had some wonderful art on our linear trail and that we had recently held a public meeting on public art. I agreed to pass her details onto our Cultural Development Officer who is overseeing this so that her passion can be used as we develop what we do over the coming years.

The last point was in relation to the collection of waste and in particular requesting to see if changes can be made to the pick up times. Hilary was comfortable and understanding of the fact that most of the work needed to be done prior to peak hour but asked if there could be the occasional change to the collection route in order to “share the love” of the early morning pick up. It makes sense. Perhaps there could be two routes used or the routes could change every 6 – 12 months so that the noise burden is shared.

People like Hilary as such gems in the community. They care and want to be involved. Thank you for coming along and I hope to see you again about these issues and any others that come up.

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