Call your neighbour on a hot day

Summer is coming. In just a few short days we will welcome in the change in the summer season and the mild weather mixed with some fluctuations in temperatures that we enjoyed over spring will give way to some long hot spells.

Yesterday gave us a taste of the heat to come.

Councils have “action plans” for hot weather to assist people to go to community centers when it’s too hot but they are only a part of the solution.

About a decade ago David Heslop was so moved by the heat related deaths of people in their homes that he started Neighbour Day. The concept hits the mark and identifies that we are all responsible for the welfare of others around us.

Do you know the people living in your street?

Often, and especially in recent years because of the increase in electricity prices, people aren’t using their air conditioners to keep cool. It saves money but it increases the risk of heat related stress which can be fatal.

The local Messengers have their own Know Thy Neighbour campaigns.

The crux of it is, look after each other.

If you wait until the last minute it can cause more stress finding a community center than its worth especially if you don’t have a car and need to walk.

So contact council early. We could arrange for a volunteer to pick you up.

Council is involved in the Red Cross’ Telecross REDi support which will ensure a volunteer at least calls up during hot days and asks if you are okay.

Contact council and find out how to beat keep cool.

Don’t be afraid to ask a family friend to check in on you.

Don’t be afraid to check in on your neighbour.




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