How often do you visit the Park Lands?

I’ve just been for a bike ride around the South Park Lands and its fair to say there is an inequality of spending which can be addressed.

Along the ACC side of the South Park Lands (South Terrace) you will find three playgrounds, three toilet blocks, the Veale Gardens, the Hamaji Gardens and various BBQ facilities. On Unley’s side of the Park Lands (Greenhill Rd) you will find no children’s playgrounds, no toilet blocks and one BBQ facility.

Unley being immediately South of the South Park Lands our residents use the Park Lands in that area. It would be right for Unley to contribute financially and I think Unley should be afforded representation on the Adelaide Park Lands Authority which as a ten member body currently has 5 State Government and 5 Adelaide City Council appointees.

Unley has 0.8Ha of open space per person compared with ACC 49Ha of open space per person. If we can work collaboratively with ACC and the State Government as we have shown we can do through our investment into the BMX bike track and our desire to invest $150,000 into a dog park then surely it will not be just Unley residents that benefit but the whole state.

No one has a monopoly on caring for the park lands. Unley loves the park lands and we can be an effective partner in their continual improvement.

Open Space per person

Every City of note has an icon. I’m not here to tell you the Adelaide Park Lands should be so iconic that tourists choose to visit Adelaide to see and experience their wonder. That line of argument has been spoken of to death. Local Council’s such as Unley and Prospect, the State Government, the Advertiser, and the Property Council of SA are on the record as advocates of a plan to include metropolitan Councils into the composition of the Adelaide Parklands Authority which is the deliberation body for proposals and projects to be undertaken throughout the park lands. The Adelaide City Council is on the record as being against the idea. The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) has a meeting on the 28th of November and it will be interesting to learn what discussions they have in relation to the matter.

Mayor Lachlan Clyne, City of Unley

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  1. Mayor Clyne, We used Hamaji Gardens and Veale Gardens on the weekend for my daughter Rosemarie’s wedding photographs. On the southern side there are many and various aspects of these gardens and cleared areas that are used for many diverse forms of sport, back to nature exercise and activities. I have taken overseas and interstate visitors to most parts of it and they cannot speak highly enough that this area has been kept clear of development, and free for the use of all and sundry.

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