State issues need enforceable local government solutions: more than talk.

It’s hard to believe this is my third Local Government AGM. I must admit I love them. The collective voice of community.

My great disappointment is that these gatherings have almost no enforceable power. The decisions that are made here are different to the decisions made at an actual Unley or Walkerville Council meeting. Here we ask our peek body the Local Government Association to “pursue”,”provide advice”, “review”, “update” and “investigate”. This is in comparison to Council meetings which “adopt”, “implement” and “fund”.

The key difference between the two being the word “fund”.

I strongly believe that we need to consider how Local Governments can establish a joint forum in which our collective conscience can do more than deliberate.

We need a forum where decisions can be made which have budgetary ramifications. A forum where enforceable and binding decisions are carried out.

Local government can affect changes within its borders but there are some issues which cross these lines on the map. So lets find a way to establish a forum so that we can decide on a course of action and enact the plan.



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