The Conspirecy of Council – I must learn to be more secretive…

Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone. I have a secret.

Do people really think there is a closed door?

During the Federal election I spoke to Federal politicians about Council’s unanimous, public and reported on decision to redevelop Unley Oval.

Oh darn it… I’ve already disclosed these meetings in my August and September  Mayor’s “Diary”. (I must learn to be more secretive…)

But wait, surely I must have had some meetings in “secret”…  Surely as Mayor I couldn’t be completely open and transparent about all my meetings!?

Thankfully, I do have a cunning bone of secrecy running through my body!  You see I didn’t tape-record these meetings nor post all the details on SocialMedia! So the exact words of what was said shall remain forever lost and unknowable to sticky-beaks.

Oh, gosh, I’ve just remembered, fantastic, I have kept meetings from Council. I’ve met with over 50 residents whilst I’ve been doorknocking who supports Council’s decision to find ways to create extra open space and upgrade the Council sporting facilities whilst seeking to get Federal, State and private investment.

But I would like to know what the topic of conversation was between one of our Councillors and a neighbouring Mayor to the South. I can’t seem to find any details about it. Perhaps I should learn from this individual (although I doubt it)!

For those who don’t understand the machinations of Local Government, I’ll make the following explanation to help explain this tongue in cheek post. Local Government often get accused of having “closed-door” meetings in which decisions are made without the community having a say. As Mayor of Unley, I disclose my meetings in a diary format which goes into the Agenda for each Council meeting. I’m available and contactable and willing to speak with any member of our community or any person who also wishes to see Unley improve. As such, any talk of hiding my meetings is bizarre and simply no more than an attempt to pull this Council down which is very sad. I hope that the public are able to embrace this Council’s sincere and genuine attempts to engage with its residents and business owners across all areas of community life.

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  1. Bizarre, not bazar.

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