Will the sex-scandal riddled public school system scare off our future male teachers/role models?

In 2001 I was fresh out of high school and enjoying a gap year. The main focus of the gap year was to work in the family business as a “Computer Machine Embroidery Operator”. During that year I had fanciful dreams of  growing the embroidery arm of the Angus Clyne Pty Ltd family business empire but I also did other things including coaching year 3/4 and year 8 basketball at Scotch College, and also working as an after school care aid in the Scotch college junior school.

Teaching/coaching/caring for these young kids was a great pleasure. As a young man I was considered a rarity. The school system over a decade ago was crying out for male teachers and I thought more than once about going into this profession. My parents were supportive, they both thought I had the right temperament. However, for whatever reason the calling never really grabbed me and shook me enough to convince me that I should be a teacher.

As I look at the sex-scandle laden public school system, I notice that it is male teachers/support workers who are the offenders in all situations I have read about.

We need good male role models in our education system. Whilst I think it is entirely appropriate for the media to highlight the atrocious crimes and damage being done by these males in the school system, I ask that they give pause to think about a way of ensuring that they highlight the need for men to be in the education system.

Unley has some great male teachers and some wonderful young men who would make great educators. These people need to be supported and encouraged for the good of society.

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  1. absolutely, It needs to be made clear that, whilst in almost all the cases of sexual offences carried out in the school system, it is a male offender however, these offenders are a very small percentage of the total male teaching population. There does not seem to be any references to the many male teachers who are performing in their teaching roles to a high standard and are not in anyway committing offences (sexual or otherwise),

    A bit of balance will go a very long way!

  2. With over 35,000 registered teachers in SA it is unfair to equate the behaviour of just 1 or 2 individuals as causing ‘a sex-scandle laden public school system’. Males are discouraged by relentless curriculm changes based on politics, change for the sake of change, lack of career path and low comparative wages, rather than fear of unfounded accusations.

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