28 Councils Negotiating an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Kaurna

Now in its seventh year, the Local Government Leadership Group (LGLG) met today at the City of West Torrens Council in what could be one of its last ever meetings. Recently it was my great privilege to take on the role of chair of the group after the Mayor of Marion Felicity-Ann Lewis left the position in order to focus on being the President of the Australian Local Government Association.

It was a productive meeting even if it did go longer than intended, for it is now clear that we are in the home stretch of finalising this historic agreement. It is historic specifically because it clearly builds a bridge and demonstrates a level of mutual respect long lacking in matters pertaining to how development is conducted in areas that fall under the Kaurna area.

Of the 28 Councils who could sign onto the agreement 25 have passed resolutions at Council with the remaining three to make a final decision by November. From here we expect the agreement to go through a process of certification and registration.

The LGLG will disband once a “Liason Committee” is established which will comprise 6 representative from Local Government and 6 representatives from Kaurna. This committee will then oversee the spending of money associated with assessing the discovery of culturally significant artifacts amongst other important work.

With the Recognise campaign about to heat up as we look to amend our constitution, this will shape next year into a year of great reconciliation.


This video is of the Reconciliation Event which occurred in Unley





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